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Softball Commissioner: Anne Reel -   or southparklandsoftball@gmail.com
South Parkland Youth Association (SPYA) Fall Softball Registration is Closed.

Team Assignments

When signing up your child, she will be assigned to the age-appropriate team according to her date of birth. The age of your daughter on December 31, 2018 will be used to determine team placement. In other words, if your daughter was 12 years old on December 31, 2018, she will play 12U (12 and under), even if she turns 13 on January 1, 2019. After registration is concluded, if spots remain open in a particular age category, the commissioner may deem it necessary to move younger players up to an older age category with parental consent. Also, in the event a team is short of players for a game, we may solicit a player from a younger age level to play “up” for that game in order to avoid a forfeit.

I encourage special requests on team assignment with the understanding that not all requests can be honored. This may include requesting your daughter be placed on a team with another player due to the need to share travel, siblings playing on the same team or requesting placement with a particular coach. While every attempt will be made to honor such requests, I will be limited to honoring those that meet league age requirements and allow for the placement of a proportionate number of players on each team as well as the player’s ability, the number of volunteers for each team, etc. If your registration is dependent on a special request to be assigned to a specific team, please do not register as I cannot guarantee special requests can be honored. Refunds will not be authorized due to a rejected special request.

Uniforms and Equipment

All registered players will be provided with a personalized game jersey, use of fielders’ face masks for pitchers (required used by ALL pitchers), and use of catcher’s equipment.

Each participant will need to provide their own softball glove, softball helmet*, ASA-approved bat*, rubber bottom softball cleats (no metal cleats allowed). The following items will also need to be provided by the family: softball pants and socks (color TBA) and an optional fielder’s mask (we recommend that all players wear a fielder’s face mask).

*some used helmets and bats may be available for purchase from SPYA softball. Please email me if you want to explore this option.


Practice schedules and team rosters will be announced in early August. Practices are typically 1.5 – 2 hours two to three times per week at Springhouse Fields (located behind Springhouse Middle School), often two during the week and one on the weekend until the games commence. The practice schedule is determined by the volunteer coach of each team. Each coach works with her/his team to develop a practice schedule that ensures that players can make most practices.


The Parkland Fall Softball Season runs from the end of August through mid-October. Since this is fall ball and meant to be more instructional than the spring season, there are no playoff or All-Star games.

Game schedules are determined by the Parkland Softball League (PSL) of which SPYA is a member organization. PSL will send coaches the draft schedule before the season starts. The schedule will then be sent out to the parents/players. At that time, it is imperative that you review this schedule and inform the coach if there are any scheduling conflicts with your daughter attending any game.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for each participant is $90. These funds are used to purchase jerseys, pay league fees, insurance, umpire fees, and rental fees, maintain the playing fields and purchase and/or rent equipment.

Additionally, there is a $35 volunteer deposit/buyout assessed to each family at the time of registration. From those families who commit to volunteering on a regular basis (coaching, statistician, field maintenance, background check coordinator, etc). throughout the 2019 fall season, a $35 volunteer deposit will be assessed. This fee is refundable if certain criteria are met and confirmed by team coaches. Families also have the option to "buyout" volunteer hours in lieu of volunteering time to the softball program at a cost of $35. This fee is non-refundable.

Need-based financial assistance may be available to registrants. Contact me for more information.


In closing, I encourage every parent that has some time during the season to volunteer to assist in our program. Speaking from my own experience, it is extremely rewarding to provide our young ladies with an opportunity to participate in a program that heightens their confidence, lends itself to both physical and emotional well-being, and provides them with benefits and skills that last a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email.

Anne Reel
SPYA Softball Commissioner

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